Why work for us

Valuing and developing our people is essential to long term success. Our capacity to achieve our goals is dependent on our ability to attract, develop, nurture and retain high quality academic and professional staff. Working together through interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork across Transnational Academic Group will maximise our ability to succeed.
At Transnational Academic Group we believe that positions throughout the company should be filled with the most suitable candidates. We believe that our people are fundamental to our success.

Our Employment Principles
Equal Opportunity: You were hired because we considered you the best person for the job. Your gender, race, sex and religion are of no account. We hire on the basis of qualifications, skills and/or experience.
Qualities: Our company policy is to hire people with positive personal attitude/mindset and the professional skills necessary to ensure a long term future with the Company.
Candidate Selection: During our selection process we do make sure that your values are in harmony with the corporate culture.

Our Pillars of Success
1) To focus on high quality academics.
2) To provide infrastructure that enhances learning.
3) To partner with world class universities that have a history of research and research-led curriculum.
4) To foster innovation as a culture for our partners and ourselves.
These four pillars are integral to the success of Transnational Academic Group. It also reflects the group's strategic intent and core values.
Our Vision
To establish Higher Education and research-driven Centres of Excellence in Africa and the Middle East by partnering world renowned universities to build human capacity across all sectors, particularly business, science, medicine, technology and energy.
Our Objective
To provide a complete overview of the vision and plans for our group to become a leading high quality tertiary education provider by bringing world class universities and curriculum to Africa and the Middle East.

Our Tagline
Developing the people who develop nations
Our tagline is a simple yet powerful way of conveying our brand's message. Our goal is to provide relevant world-class post-secondary and professional education to students and organisations in Africa and the Middle East. At TAG, we develop the people who develop nations.

About TAG

Transnational Academic Group (TAG) -formerly known as Transnational Education (TNE) in Africa, and Global Institute Middle East (GIME) in the UAE- works with globally renowned universities with a transnational focus to bring research driven higher education opportunities to emerging markets.

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